Stockholm News – Posted February 8th 2009

Dear all,
Well this is a latest post, and certainly its been a long time since the last one (nearly 18 months!). Life has, as you probably guessed at the wedding, been pretty crazy, but since a great time of movement it has finally calmed down and we can start getting back in touch with everyone again.

We would like to share our thanks to everyone this year who has kept with us for the run despite our disappearance up north an our love to everyone that we have where not fortunate enough to see through 2008.

In short we are happily living on a small countryside island outside of Stockholm, life is VERY quiet but we are enjoying it. Having moved jobs twice now Matt is hoping to start working with the Global Water Partnerhship in March as their new Web Communications and IT Strategy officer and Anna is working very hard at Ajax dong art direction and graphic design for print. Jobs are a big thing here in Sweden, it’s pretty much what people live for and so it comes as no surprise to a Swede that a personal letter begins with a career breakdown! But in all fortuity we have work, a pretty place to live, and are very thankful for what we have.

Our thoughts go our to Shona, 10 days due, Michael and Christine, and to Grandma and Grandpa Bowley. It is hard to be so far from the people we love and hope one day our lives will be made all the more closer.

Many people have been asking about Skype. Anna and I are both online almost 60% of our lives, matt’s ID is catch_matt and anna’s is lilla-lue. You also call matt on a UK land line number which will forward on to his mobile phone free of charge: +44 (0)207 55 88 050

All our love,

Matt & Anna

wedding collage

Thanks to all! – Posted September 1st 2007

Thank you all so much for coming, it was an amazing day and we´re so happy that it seems like everyone had a good time, we certainly did! Spain is lovely, the sun is shining and we´re totally sunburned – finally! Hope you are all doing well, we look forward to seeing everyone again very soon.
You might have noticed we didn´t hire a video or full time photographer for the event, so we would be very grateful if everyone with a digital camera or video recorder if you could send us a copies on CD. I think most camera shops will be able to do it for you if you don´t have time.
If you´d rather post the CD, please send it to our temporary stockholm address at:

Old address (see above, we have moved)
Take care, lots of love,

Mr. and Mrs. Evans!

– Posted August 19th 2007

Gift List is finally working!

John Lewis where a load of rubbish, so we’ve made our own gift list page. Click here to check it out and see what lovely things you can buy (or avoid!!!).

Directions that actually go somewhere!

Directions and maps have been updated on the maps page, go take a look.

A roof over your head

We’ve also finalised the accommodation payment arrangements (775Kr for two nights per person incl. breakfast and cleaning, see accommodation page for more details). Note, payment should be in cash.

Bring some lolly

We’ve been asked to remind everyone it is a pay bar (sorry!), although we have provided for some wine and the odd tipple we need to ask that everyone brings cash to throw in extravegant fasions at the restaurant booze cabinet (yes, with real Swedish play money with all those extra zero’s on)… Also if you smoke or “snussa” make sure you bring your own as the reception venue doesn’t have either for sale, sorry!

Saying something meaningful (or not!)

Speeches! Swedish weddings are all about contribution, we’ve arranged for a couple of guitars to be there, plus a hi fi etc. If you would like to do anything on the day like a speech or play some music please send Micke a message as he’ll be organising all the timing to fit everyone in in the best (and hopefully most entertaining) way!


It has been an awful summer here in Sweden too! Please make sure you bring a really thick, warm coat and loads of mosquito repellant for the night time as it’s going to get cold and there are loads of mozzies from all the rain… If only we had control over the weather like we do the internet :-) (Did we mention Anna’s marring a geek?)

Toastmistress! – Posted August 19th 2007

Alex Evans has kindly accepted the post of toast mistress to help allong side Mike! Please contact her to let her know you will be making a speech or want to organise anything for the day. You can call or send an SMS to Alex on +44 7957 11 38 55

Toastmaster – Posted July 5th 2007

Anna’s uncle Michael Backe will be our Swedish toast master – If you wish to make a speech or performance (anyone can if they want to), please e-mail Michael on: There’s no particular deadline for speeches, performances etc. but the sooner you can let him know the better :)

Mike I love My Peas Backe

Micke (Pronounced “Mick-eh?”) “I love my peas toast master” Backe, and son Adam

Accommodation Announcement – Posted June 18th 2007

We have reserved the cottages and everyone who has confirmed so far has a place to stay! Wahey!!!! You can view the confirmation list linked here on the accommodation page. If you are not on the list or haven’t been allocated a cottage, please let us know!

Welcome! – Posted April 2007

Dear All, We are getting married on the 25th August 2007! The main event will happen in the small village of Steninge near to the city of Hamlstad in the south of Sweden As it is in Sweden and not just in the next village we have set up this website for you to get all the information you will need to get there, book your accommodation and get around in comfort. Directions, maps, accommodation information and more can be found on the menu on the left. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget the earliest booked flights are the cheapest, and Sweden isn’t Switzerland so it’s not as expensive as it sounds if you look for a good deal. We are in the process of making the invites with the help of our own team of personal sweat shop tinkers (photos to follow) which you should receive soon! Please note we have had allot of interest in the cottages near the site, and have reserved all that we can. We would like you to please call the site if we haven’t already reserved accommodation for you and book in as soon as you can. We look forward to seeing you on the beach! Love Anna and Matt